What Does It Mean To Not Have Sex? Know How It Affects Your Body

Sex is something which must be healthy and consensual. Sex positivity can indeed be educational for many people and their partners. People who don’t want to have sex need not find a reason to do it. People choose to have sex for pleasure, sometimes for pleasing your partner, for intimacy, relieving stress, escaping a particular situation or for self-validation. However, it has to be understood that there are plenty of other ways to meet these reasons apart from engaging in sex.

In case you are disinterested in sex, you don’t have to do it and you will not lose on anything in refraining from it. The idea of someone being purely disinterested in sex is a choice which needs to be respected. In this article, we talk about what never having sex really means.

What does it mean to never have sex?

Diseases like heart disease, diabetes or any other condition which affects blood circulation or the nervous system can be the reason why you are not having an orgasm.

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The very awareness about sexual interest or desire usually develops during puberty. However, healthline says that according to adolescent psychology research, a person’s interest in sex also depends on when s/he gets aware of sexual interest. It depends on his/her knowledge about sex and the willingness to go ahead with it. Interest for sex may never develop in some people. These people might have got the opportunity to have sex, but they decide that it’s not for them.

People who don’t wish to have sex can give a boost to their endorphins through a good workout session. Not having sex can actually mean to let go of social pressures and engage in non-sexual activities which are calming and soothing in nature.

How to get the benefits of sex without engaging in sex?

Sex is not just loved for pleasure. It offers a variety of benefits like relieving stress, boosting your immune system, burning calories and boosting mood.

For people who have sex to express sexual interests with a partner and enjoy each other’s body, a period of celibacy could help them give space for exploring new interests. Non-sexual activities that bring you joy could also be explored. A period of celibacy could help you focus better and build a deeper and stronger emotional connection with your partner.


Refraining from sex can help you reconnect with yourself
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For people who feel relieved from stress after having sex, a period of refraining from sex can help you reconnect with yourself. You can focus on getting better sleep, teaching yourself to regulate your emotions instead of overreacting on them or escaping them. You can also resort to more physical activity by engaging in sports or exercising. It can help in releasing stress and tension, while making you healthier and fitter.

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Refraining from sex can help in increasing awareness about your body. You can practice mindful touching and please yourself without pressuring yourself to please someone.

One of the best things to do when you’re off sex is turn to fitness. Get your heart pumping by doing cardio exercises and focus on becoming fitter.

All in all, there is nothing to be worried about if you don’t want to have sex. Even some medical reasons could behind your loss of interest in sex. Your libido tends to change over time. Stress, birth control methods and menopause are some of the top reasons for reduced libido.

It is important to be honest with yourself and not give in to external pressures of any kind. Give yourself to time to introspect, understand your needs and communicate them to others.