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To help students make appropriate career choices, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recently introduced aptitude tests for Class 9 and 10. The board announced its initiative through a circular on January 10.

It reads: ‘Know Your Aptitude (KYA) will help students understand their strengths and limitations before making important career choices. The test ‘would also help parents, teachers and the school administrators to extend support to the student while making such decisions.’

The aptitude test has ben is developed by National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and can be administered by teachers at their respective schools. Schools have to download the test guides, manual, test booklet and answer sheets, which will be available on CBSE website from January 29.

Students can take the test on a day designated by the school. After students take the test, teachers can evaluate their performance on the basis of the scoring guidelines issued by the board. Schools can send a report on how the test was conducted but does not have to share any individual details of students with the board. The board also clarified the test is voluntary.

Schools said the move will benefit students. “Schools will no longer have to pay for aptitude tests from private agencies and students will find the process easy,” said the principal of a school from Andheri.